Three Animators Let Their Imagination Run Wild In A Blackout


Black Out Trend Non VDS SS1 KRK

It’s just another day in the office, and yet another over-time in this studio.

As the animators slog and work, their boss is seen having fun.

But when the electricity suddenly goes out, the animators have a ball of a time with their imagination and fantasies while their boss looks for the circuit breaker.

Black Out Trend Non VDS SS2 KRK

We almost wished the electricity didn’t come back on!

Watch ‘Black Out’ by Ryu Jin HO & Sung Wong (Korea) on Viddsee BUZZ:

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This animated short won several awards, including at the Puchon International Student Animation Festival in Korea, at the TBS Digicon6 in Korea. It was selected for numerous animation festivals in China and in Japan.

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