3 cartoons that remind us why we need friends!


We need friends to go a-huntin’ & to plan a big getaway with, and to hold on to each other on a rainy day.

Featuring Digicon6 films: ‘Molly’, ‘Oasis’ & ‘The Frog & The Ant’

Watch ‘Oasis’ by Sacha Goedegebure on Viddsee:

George is on his way home after a stint in the mines. In his possession is his reward for his hard work – a rare and precious blue diamond. While seeking respite from the mid-day heat, he chances upon a strange creature which turns out to be much more than just a petty thief.

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Watch ‘The Frog and The Ant’ on Viddsee:

This is the story of the frog and the ant, a tale of an unlikely friendship. One fateful day, the winds were blowing and howling, and splash! the ant was in deep trouble…

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Directed by: Lee Samuel, Vickneswaran, Zaqeer Radzi, Diane JT Franco, Yeo Siew Mei, Tay Jing Wen, Clarisse Rubini


Watch ‘Molly’ on Viddsee:

Molly is a fish stuck in her bowl, who longs for the ocean. Her only chance at freedom, lies in an unlikely friend, the house pet cat.

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Directed by: Muhammad Arfandi, Grace Ho, Timotheus Teo, Muhammad Irzad, Ham Shi Ying, Ng Tse Pei, Goh Cher See


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