Three Girls Wanted To Play. Three Girls, Three Times Lucky.


The Summoners ss2 krk.jpg

Why summon the dead? Why not?

These girls get a kick out of possessions. This particular spirit they’re after is a deceased who has violated kids, and they’re not afraid of it. They taunted, insulted, and harassed it into making itself known through one of their bodies.

It was a fun trip.

The Summoners ss8 krk.jpg

They were in luck.

They wanted to play and got three times lucky.

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‘The Summoners’ won Best Horror Short at SoCal Creative & Innovative Film Festival and at Buffalo Dreams Film Festival, the Spirit of BAFF Award at Buried Alive Film Festival, and swept six awards at the Zed Fest — Best Supernatural Film, Best Short Director, Best Cinematography, Best Ensemble Cast, Best Hair & Make Up, and Ass-Kickin-est Femme Fatale.

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