Her Mother Wasn’t Really A Monster, She Had Just Sacrificed So Much


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Telaga was born into the best caste, a class in Bali where they are exalted as messenger of the Gods. She is a beauty, an amazing dancer and the pride and joy of her mother. It’s a privilege she has enjoyed, but not something she ever asked for.

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What she wants is to marry Wayan, a painter who is a mere commoner. It’s a pairing that her mom won’t approve of. Not after she’s sacrificed so much to get to this position of luxury. She would never get her blessing.

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Neither would his mom in fact. Society has dictated the laws of courtship and theirs is an inconceivable relationship. To wed would fly in the face of convention and raise the ire of her family, his family, and they say, even the Gods.

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When it comes to age-old custom, family and culture, how far will you sacrifice your personal needs?

Watch ‘The Dance Of Earth’ (Tarian Bumi) by Rai Pendet (Indonesia) on Viddsee:

The Dance Of Earth is inspired from the novel of the same name by Oka Rusmini.

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