To Reunite With His Sister, He Must Confess To Murder


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A visit from an FBI agent brings up a past he had long put behind him, back when he was Josh Clemens.

The agent knew everything. About how he was inseparable from his foster sister Sarah. About how he gave her his statue of Jesus, to protect her.

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About how their father liked little girls, and how their mother enabled those sick desires.

The agent even knew about that fateful night his father tried to rape Sarah. An overwhelming power had bubbled up within him and slammed against his foster parents, killing them both. He couldn’t save Sarah, so he fled, and disappeared.

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The FBI couldn’t have known what happened that night, since there were no other witnesses. But they did.

Before leaving, the agent slid a familiar statue of Jesus across the table. Sarah wants Josh to have it, if he was Josh.

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