To Impress Her, He Put His Best Face Forward. Only It Wasn’t His.



The brightest spot of his day was watching the beautiful florist from her window. Held back by insecurity, he pined for her from a distance.

An enchanted tissue gives him the ability to borrow the face of whoever he last glimpses. It was a chance to wipe his face, and self-doubt away.


Bolstered by his new look, he charms his way into her heart. Falling in love has never been quite so easy, or as magical.


But can a relationship built on a hidden secret endure? Especially when both parties are guilty?

Watch ‘Masquerade’ by Fung Yiu Ting (Hong Kong) on Viddsee:

‘Masquerade’ is part of the Microfilm Music Festival channel, featuring rising directors and production teams from Hong Kong. View more films here.

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