Today This Boy Will Be A Man. First, He Needs To Be Circumcised.


Pukpok3 krk.jpg

He almost forgot: today is the day he gets circumcised.

In his family, boys become men by having their manhood under the knife of a village elder. It’s a grim prospect that this boy doesn’t want to deal with, and he makes sure everyone knows it.

Pukpok2 krk.jpg

He drifts in and out of reality as the time approaches, and tries to delay the process.

His family is unperturbed. He has to get through it.

Then he meets a girl, and he finds renewed courage to face the village elder. He finds the strength to stare down the town’s only circumciser and his antique tools.

Pukpok1 krk.jpg

It won’t hurt, he was told. It’s only like an ant bite!

But after today, Macmac will be a man.

Watch ‘A Rite Of Passage’ (Pukpok) by Joaquin Pantaleon (Philippines) on Viddsee:

Joaquin’s film was the Best Student Short film at the Metro Manila Film Festival, and was a finalist film at both Gawad Urian Awards and at Cinemalaya in Philippines.

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