Tonight’s The Night His Biggest Skeptic Eats His Own Words


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Dave is a good friend, but he never had any faith in Stuart’s crazy inventions. No offense, but the guy is obsessed with crop circles, strange lights, and aliens.

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But this time, Stuart had built something that actually works. The device lures aliens with a bright beam of light, and then sucks them down to Earth. It’s a trap. An alien trap.

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It’s hard to believe, of course. Which is why Stuart has two more things to show Dave: an actual alien he trapped, and a terrifyingly smug look on his face when Dave sees it.

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‘The Trap’ won awards at Spotlight Horror Film Awards, Fantastic Film Awards, Zed Fest, and many other festivals. It has also screened at numerous other festivals, including Telluride Horror Show, H.P. Lovecraft Film Festival, and Baton Rouge Horror Film Festival.

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