This High-Flying Manager Hid A Secret About His Amazing Sales



The ringing in Kang Ho’s ear was back.

The maddening high pitch frequency returned whenever he felt stressed at work, and right now was crunch time.


As one of the top salesman in his company, a promotion appeared to be right at his fingertips.

Except no one knew his dirty little secret.

He had been manipulating his sales by personally buying products.


Deep in debt, he sought out more money to achieve his target, causing friends and loved ones to abandon him.

Throughout it all, the ever-present ringing echoed in the background, an unwanted soundtrack to his anxiety.


If Kang Ho couldn’t buy his way out of the problem, perhaps this desperate man on edge could drill his way through it instead.

Or so he thought.

Watch ‘A Ringing In The Ears’ by Dakyeom Son (South Korea) on Viddsee:

‘A Ringing In The Ears’ won the Male Acting Prize at the Evergreen International Short Film Festival 2016.

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