[Top 10 of 2018] A Wave Of Women-Led Narratives


The role of women was a dominant theme across your favourites of the past year. In what might have been a reflection of the global #TimesUp movement, filmmakers are reexamining, rewriting, remixing and reinterpreting the female experience.

Whether it was through popular notions of female body representation, or the trope of the submissive Asian woman, enjoy the Top 10 of 2018, in no particular order!


#1 – This sly horror comedy by Jeremy Rubier follows a meek Japanese wife who shakes up her uninspiring life with her husband with a simple request. Watch ‘The White Eyed’, and never see a potato in the same light again.


#2 – Home is many things, and to Liang, the heart of it lies in this spiky, thorny, smelly fruit. Watch ‘Linger’ by Shawn Ong, about a son’s gradual appreciation of his father via the pungent durian.


#3 – With its incisive commentary on the portrayal of female body in mainstream media, this animation by Fanny Bratahalim, Beverly Ann Koh And Roopsha Mandal was a pure joy to watch. Watch ‘Lose It’, about a young woman who almost loses her mind in the quest to lose weight.


#4 – A workaholic mum learns the true meaning of family through the adventures of her 6-year old son and her elderly father. Watch ‘Scene City: Pa’, a heart-warming Viddsee Originals by Sabrina Poon.


#5 – In this experimental thriller, Luigi Rosario crafts a story about a narcissist who becomes obsessed with capturing the perfect selfie. Watch #NoFilter, a cautionary tale about taking too many selfies!


#6 – A young girl starts giving birth on a public stairway to bizarre results. Watch ‘Gorgonas’ by Wellington Darwin that doubles as a reality check for our device obsession.


#7 – In this satire by Naoya Yamaguchi, a young teen transforms into a doll after faking her smile so much. Watch ‘The Dolls With Attitude’, about the dangers of hiding your feelings and the importance of being true to yourself.


#8 – This Argentinian coming-of-age story features a young boy who discovers that the adult world can be as artificial as a game of pretend. Watch ‘Once Upon A Tea’ by Monse Echevarria, about the loss of a child’s innocence.


#9 – Based on a true story, a family with leprosy faced with eviction discovers the meaning of home. Watch ‘Home’ by Paul Lee, about how love and hope helped a family of outcasts.


#10 – From Daniel Victory, a lonely young man who lives in the shadow of his older brothers tries to find peace within himself. Watch ‘In The Middle Of The Blackhole’, about angst and millennial ennui.

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