[Top 5 of 2015] A Hope For Love In The Next Life


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Secrets, intrigue and double lives were the most popular short films on Viddsee in 2015.

The fourth of our Top 5 of 2015 is from Malaysia, about two friends and the unspoken words between them.

Ming Zhai and Wai Yean were never officially together. The two had a close friendship while growing up in a small town together.

Date Me Next Time SSH 3 KRK

There was never any loud proclamations of love, but the spark was palpable and alive in their long walks and the thoughtful deeds Ming Zhai did for Wai Yean.

However a move to the city disrupts their playful relationship and try as they might to keep the bond, they lose touch.

Date Me Next Time SSH 2 KRK

They finally get one last chance to meet again and this time, there’s no holding back as they both finally say what they’ve been keeping from each other.

Too bad it’s too late. Here’s why you should never leave anything unsaid.

Watch ‘Date Me Next Time Please’ by James Lee (Malaysia) on Viddsee:

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