[Top 5 of 2015] You Can Push Her Buttons, But Don’t Push Her Over


Made SS3 KRK

Secrets, intrigue and double lives were the most popular short films on Viddsee in 2015.

Minako leaves for work every morning, but her get-up changes from straight-laced to doe-eyed wild innocence over her commute to Akihabara.


It’s a cheeky, harmless job, but Minako’s dirty little secret gets even dirtier if you push her buttons. She’s definitely in her element working at a maid bar.

But don’t push the wrong buttons, or push her too far. Minako doesn’t like that. She will bite back.

Watch ‘Made’ by Norbert Schoerner (Japan) on Viddsee:

This intriguing film was at the Cannes Short Film Corner, East End Film Festival, London Independent Film Festival and Tokyo Independent Film Festival.

Liked it? Click here for the director’s statement, and here for more on the movie and behind the scenes shots!

Watch another thought-provoking film, ‘Sanzaru’ by Adam Sinclair (Malaysia), about why we witness accidents and crimes as active bystanders


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