Why Do Parents Get Scammed By Marketers & Guilt Tripping?


God Bless All Parents SS3

These parents had a day out with their young daughter, but the mum was the one who started crying first.

Here’s what happened. A salesman tried to sell an exorbitantly priced educational software to them. His sales pitch was convincing, but not convincing enough to seal the deal.

Desperate to meet his sales quota, he restrategises to focus on the wife as the husband’s defence was impenetrable.

God Bless All Parents SS2

As the husband goes off to make a phone call, he suggests that the wife’s life as a mother is far from ideal.

This is a brilliant break-down of their decision-making, financial wisdom, and guilt-tripping.

Watch ‘God Bless All Parents’ by Lau Wing Tai (Hong Kong) on Viddsee:

All parents want the best for their kids. Can these parents afford the very best for theirs?

‘God Bless All Parents’ won Best Script at the Fresh Wave HK‘s Local Competition Section Film Showcase category.

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