She’s A Lady With A Scent Fetish & A Nose For Trouble


Takano's Scent ss1 krk

Meet a lady with a nose for trouble.

Misako is in a relationship, but she trusts her nose too much. Her scent fetish is incredibly empowering. It drives her to explore new foods, new tastes, and totally overtakes her logical decision making.

Takano's Scent ss2 krk

There’s a man she’s crushing on and it’s driving her crazy.

She’s been keeping her feelings a secret – but now she feels that it is time to reveal it. But today, Misako smells something that brings her more heartache.

Takano's Scent ss3 krk

She may have waited too long to tell him.

Because… there could be someone else. Her nose knows, and it cannot lie.

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