A Twisted Arranged Marriage Is Viddsee Shortee July 2017



This young Vietnamese bride withheld the truth about her new husband to her friends.

Unlike their negative assumptions, the middle-aged Singaporean man Linh married was a kind gentle soul.


He treated her respectfully, and his family welcomed her, making her feel right at home.

The relationship may not have had a fairytale start, but it looked set for a happy ending.


But the budding romance crashes on the rocks when Linh receives a chilling reminder for her May to December marriage.

Trapped between love and loyalty, the cold light of day revealed her ugly truth.


Watch ‘Palace Of Love’ by Tang Wan Xin (SG) on Viddsee:

Director: Tang Wan Xin
Producer: Engku M. Iqbal
Writer: Ho Say Peng
Cast: Hani Binh Pham (Linh), Michael Chua (Hock), Loh Heng Joo (Ahma), Tong Thi Na (sister), Luong Thi Hue (cousin)
Production Designer: Chen Jia Ling
DOP: Leroy Lim
Editor: Ko Shui Min
Post Sound Engineer: Dione Tan & Shaykh Akbar

‘Palace Of Love’ was the most-watched, most-loved short film last month, and it’s our July Viddsee Shortee!

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