After Two Abortions, This Mother Now Has To Decide On Her Third


Helen SS3

Only an expectant mother knows the fears she has for the safety and well-being of her unborn child. And when the life of the child hinges on a choice she makes, there truly is no going back.

Helen, who has had two abortions in the past, is at a crossroads.

Helen SS2

Fear has made her consult several fortune-tellers who are all pointing to a dark possibility. Her husband too feels that her third pregnancy has brought bad luck upon them.

Thoughts of a hopeful future tug at her heart.

Helen SS5

This film by Ooi Wei Seng gives us a peek into the thoughts of a mother-to-be, who is trying to counter a traumatic past with slivers of hope. The life of her unborn child is in her hands now. What will her decision be?

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