Two Boys Pissed On A Tree, But Only One Asked Permission


Nguyuh SS_06 krk.jpg

The superstitious in Southeast Asia know to always ask permission before relieving oneself near a tree, so as not to offend the spirit who resides in it.

These two boys are pissing on a tree, but only one of them is praying.

Nguyuh SS_07 krk.jpg

Cup, a playful child, cannot understand his friend’s murmured prayer, nor the mysterious old lady who chides him for his insolence.

But he’ll find out soon enough the price of disrespect.

Nguyuh SS_03 krk.jpg

He’ll escape by the skin of his teeth.

Watch ‘Nguyuh’ by Dzikri Aulia Rizaldi (Indonesia) on Viddsee:

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