Destiny Knocked On Her Door. Was This The Love She Was Waiting For?


An Unconventional Love Story SS4 KRK

Do you believe there’s someone for everyone?

Nicole lived her life with a big What If about that one person.

Her life was filled with books, romances, and fiction that spurred her on about possibilities, serendipity, and love.

An Unconventional Love Story SS2 KRK

Her Big What if: What if she found the boy of her childhood dreams? The same boy who gave her the stuffed doggy in the playground?

One day, she finds a sketchbook, filled with many images that reminded her of her own childhood, and that one boy.

An Unconventional Love Story SS3 KRK

Could it be destiny knocking on her door?

Watch ‘An Unconventional Love Story’ 《她和他的故事》 by Daniel Yam (Singapore):

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