Two Deaf People Find Love Online. Here’s Their Journey To Each Other.


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She struggles to fit in a world that takes advantage of her disabilities. She calls herself an “alien”.

Mo-Re tries to keep a smile on her face as she labours in a dreary clothes factory in South Korea. But it’s hard when people shun and mistreat her just because of her speech and hearing impairments.

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There is still a flicker of hope in her life: a man who calls himself an alien too — Hiro, a cheerful sign-language instructor living 500 miles away in Sapporo, Japan.

Like Mo-Re, Hiro is deaf and mute.

Misunderstood by the people around them, the pair find solace in communicating with each other, in spite of language barriers. As Hiro puts it, Aliens > Humans.

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With the Sapporo Snow Festival approaching, Mo-Re wants to meet Hiro in the flesh. But countless obstacles await, beginning with the boss who constantly denies her leave, and irresponsible roommate who refuses to pay the rent.

Mo-Re decides it’s now or never. She takes a chance and hops onto a flight to Sapporo, guided only by an intense desire to meet Hiro.

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There, she bumps into Muto, an unemployed elderly man and student of Hiro. Muto attempts to help, but even he is caught in unfriendly circumstances.

Unable to communicate with the strangers around her, Mo-Re is hopelessly lost. But as Hiro said, aliens speak in a special voice, only recognisable to each other.

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Here’s how they found each other.

Watch ‘Ohayo Sapporo’ by Kim Seong-Jun (Korea) on Viddsee:

‘Ohayo Sapporo’ is part of our Asian Ciné Salon channel on Viddsee.

Kim’s short film won the Grand Prize at the 2011 Korea Persons With Disabilities Film Festival and was screened at the Busan International Short Film Festival in the same year.

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