Two Enemies Woke Up In Each Other’s Bodies For A Freaky Friday Lesson!



Waking up in Fifteen Chan’s body was not what One Lee expected when he thwarted her suicide attempt. But that was the bizarre reality he woke up to.


With no solution to their Freaky Friday moment, the infamous nemesis’ known for being polar opposites were forced to walk in each other’s shoes.


One discovered the immense pressure Fifteen was under to keep her family business afloat. In particular, he learned about the sleazy landlord and rental debt that was the reason for wanting to end her life.


He couldn’t walk away from her troubles, even if he was in the right body.

So he decided to lean in instead.


It sparked something greater than this identity crisis!

Watch ‘A One And A Fifteen’ (初一十五) by Matt Lui (Hong Kong) on Viddsee:

This film is part of the Microfilm Production Support Scheme to encourage local Hong Kong filmmakers. View more films in the channel here.

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