Watch A Friendship Disintegrate Slowly, Painfully. But It Doesn’t End.


Bound Fikri Jemadi SS4

They started singing, then screaming. Then they lose it.

These friends are bounded by a paradox, by life and death. They watched their friendship was disintegrating slowly and painfully, in a darkened room. Their end seems to be near.

They are forced to confront each other about his car, his money. Trust.

Bound Fikri Jemadi SS3 KRK

Bounded with backs up to each other they start lose their patience and a grasp of reality.

Secrets are spilled, abuses are hurled, apologies are made.

They forget that they’re not alone.

Bound Fikri Jemadi SS5

They both give up on the friendship.

But painfully, their horror doesn’t end.

Watch ‘Bound’ by Fikri Jermadi (Malaysia) on Viddsee:

Viewer discretion: Contains coarse and strong language

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