Two Friends Double-Cross Each Other In A Game Of Survival


Negeri Maling SS1 KRK

Two thieves meet five other thieves; they rob each other blind.

Sudrun becomes a thief-in-training under the tutelage of his kind friend Manap. They’re off to deliver a truck full of contraband.

Manap kindly shows him the ropes, teaching him what it takes to live like a thief.

Negeri Maling SS3 KRK

Women, drink. Manap slips away. The plot gets murkier and murkier.

Sudrun doesn’t trust Manap and his devious mind as he’s being very secretive about the contents in the truck.

Negeri Maling SS4 KRK

The betrayals in this story are quite mind boggling, but even Sudrun’s fate ends in the hands of thieves.

They get double-crossed, back-stabbed.

Is there no honour, even among thieves? Watch this comedy!

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