Two Ugly And Sexually Frustrated People Negotiate Terms For Pleasure


The Kitchen SS2 KRK

Self-pleasure & self-satisfaction are simple. When there’s someone else to satisfy, that comes with a cost.

This kitchen staff and a scrap-collector were strangers, but they had enough in common to form a bond. By their own admission, they’re both unattractive, single and frustrated.

The Kitchen SS1 KRK

It’s also the dead of the night and nobody’s watching. Luck was on their side. They try negotiating some terms for a mutual understanding.

They weren’t pitting for love. Love would cost too much.

How much would “not-love” cost?

Watch ‘The Kitchen’ by Yang An-Ching (Taiwan) on Viddsee:

Viewer discretion: Contains sexually suggestive content

‘The Kitchen’ is part of our Youth Film Festival channel on Viddsee.

It won the Gold Award at the Youth Film Festival in Taiwan and was nominated for the Golden Harvest Awards. It was also featured at the Kaohsiung International Short Film Competition and the Urban Nomad Film Festival in Taiwan.

For filmmakers: submissions for Youth Film Festival 2015 ends on 31 April!

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