Two Lovers Hang On To Each Other And The Power Of Love


Crystallized SS1 KRK

A lover waits on another in a coma, sending love letters every day.

Satomi’s boyfriend is in a coma. They work in the same laboratory, researching and bonding over snowflakes.

Crystallized SS3 KRK

They believe that snowflakes are letters from heaven, a magical, mystical force.

Satomi hangs on to what they believed in, visiting him everyday in the hospital and writing him a ‘snowflake’ letter every single day.

Each letter tells him how much she misses him.

Crystallized SS2 KRK

She waits. None of this is scientific. She’s put her faith in the power of love.

It’s put such a toll on her daily life that she drifts in and out of reality and fantasy.

Crystallized SS4 KRK

Love does conquer all, in the end.

Watch ‘Crystallized’ by Eiji Shimada (Japan) on Viddsee:

‘Crystallized’ featured at the Sapporo Short Fest 2011 and the California Independent Film Festival 2012.

Watch ‘6 pm’, another film by Eiji Shimada.

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