Two Old Friends Take A Trip Down Memory Lane. With New Eyes.


Going Home ss1 krk

Uncle Lim has come to visit his friend and ex-neighbour Uncle Mok. He’s armed with braised duck rice, Uncle Mok’s favourite.

They sit and reminisce about the good old days and how times have changed. Strangely, Uncle Lim seems to remember everything, but Uncle Mok can’t.

Also, Uncle Mok seems to be in a bit of trouble. It looks like his son has locked him out of the house in a fit of anger.

Going Home ss2 krk

Outraged on his behalf, Uncle Lim calls the police. However, something is not right about the happenings.

The more things change, the more they stay the same.

Watch ‘Going Home’ by Kenny Tan (Singapore) on Viddsee:

‘Going Home’ received a Special Mention at the RuralFicción award, Rural FilmFest. It was also featured at the 4th Cebu International (Documentary) Film Festival 2015 and the Competition Section, ASEAN Colours Section.

This short film is part of our Utter channel, a special Singapore Writers Festival Initiative that showcases films inspired by Singaporean literature.

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