Two “Princesses” In A Lesson On Taking Control & Being In Control Of Their Lives


After Class SS4 KRK

Whatever life throws at you, there’s no excuse for not taking control of your life.

These two “princesses” decide to play a game of fantasy to while away time while they wait.

Kelsey and Teacher Pia take their alter-egos Lady Fantaghiro and Captain Starky to an epic battle with imaginary creatures. It’s just a game, but the two navigate their spaceship deftly through the Universe.

After Class SS2 KRK

Then, they navigate their way through what it means to be in control of your life, even in the meanest of games life can play on you — like being forced to wait, helplessly. Blaming your circumstances might be easier to do.

Here’s how they were reminded about getting back on their feet.

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Gino’s film was in the official selection at the Chaktomuk Short Film Festival.

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