Two Singaporeans On Their Disappearing Trades & The Tide of Time


The Path SS2 KRK

Barber Lee Yuan Tong and bicycle repairman Mr Lim lived and worked through decades of change in Singapore.

They both used to work in the city centre, but sky rocketing rental prices forced them out to the alleyways and roadsides.

The Path SS3 KRK

It also forced these tradesmen to adapt to changing lifestyles and needs of the customers: Mr Lee had to learn newer, sharper and trendier haircuts, and Mr Lim had to concede to being phased-out by the newer bicycle manufacturing technologies.

The Path SS1 KRK

They speak with a sense of nostalgia of time passed, but are realistic about their circumstances.

This short documentary show them to be a hardy breed, demonstrating values of being self-reliant, hard-working, resourceful and thrifty, as they reflect on the changes in their lives and the world around them.

Watch ‘The Path’ by Cheng Chan (Singapore) on Viddsee:

‘The Path’ was selected to screen at the NYC Independent Film Festival’s Global Visions Festival Official selection.

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