Without Saying A Word These Soulmates Found Each Other Across Seas


Ohayo Sapporo SS1 KRK

When you love someone, so little needs to be said.

For Mo-re and Hiro, all that they can say is through sign language.

Separated by the Straits of Korea, this Korean factory girl and the object of her interest, a Japanese sign language instructor, form a unique friendship and support system in a silent, insensitive world.

Ohayo Sapporo SS2 KRK

They’ve decided to meet at a festival in Sopporo. With only a work address and limited language skills, she wanders the streets aimlessly, hoping to find Hi-Ro at the festival.

Ohayo Sapporo SS4 KRK

They have no words for each other, and she’s hopelessly, hopelessly loss.

How will they find each other?

Watch ‘Ohayo Sapporo’ by Kim Seong-Jun (Korea) on Viddsee:

‘Ohayo Sapporo’ is part of our Asian Ciné Salon channel on Viddsee.

It screened at the Busan International Film Festival and won the Grand Prize at the Korea Persons With Disabillities Film Festival, in Korea.

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