Two Strangers Out On A Stormy Night Face The Wrath Of Nature


It Strikes Twice lg ss2 krk

It was a matter of chance, and chances were that they were both really unlucky.

A young yuppie was walking in a park trying to come to terms to a stormy phase of his life.

He realised he’s not alone. There was a man is lying helplessly the ground,asking for help, claiming he was struck by lightning.

It Strikes Twice lg ss1 krk

He’s cautious and suspicious.

The stranger had lost all hope of being rescued, and he had nothing to lose but his temper. But even that emotional outrage came and went very quickly.

Should he help? What could possibly go wrong?

Watch ‘It Strikes Twice’ by Dae Hoon (Korea) on Viddsee:

‘It Strikes Twice’ was featured at the Busan International Film Festival.

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