Two Street Hawkers Fight For Their Businesses In A Crackdown


The Street Hawker SS2

Fried Kway Teow Ong and Fishball Lim are old friends. For years, they have made a living out of their food carts in an alleyway every night, selling their specialty hawker fare.

But there’s a crackdown on unlicensed businesses like theirs. Ong and Lim try to make a quick escape when health inspectors and law enforcers show up.

The_Street_Hawker_SS6 KRK

They’re determined to hang around for as long as they can, as it’s the only way they’ve made a living for years.

It’s also a joy and passion that they find pleasure in sharing with others, through their food.

The Street Hawker SS5

How long can they will sentimentality against pragmatism and the law?

Watch ‘The Street Hawker’ by Lau Hong Hu (Singapore) on Viddsee:

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