They Wanted To Steal, Sell The Baby Jesus Statue. Fate Said, Nope.


Operation Prutas ss1 krk

It wasn’t going to be easy.

These thieves were hired to steal the most celebrated, worshiped and “guarded”, historical statue, the Santo Nino (Baby Jesus) from a popular Catholic Church. It’s rumoured to be the original one given by the Spanish to the Filipinos. It’s a high-risk, high-stakes job, but they’re committed to it.

With some ingenuity and some bad-ass parkour stunts, the two thieves move in swiftly and get their hands on the statue.

Operation Prutas ss3 krk

Operation Prutas ss4 krk

Operation Prutas ss5 krk

But the two are dumbfounded when their statue transforms into something else.

Maybe there was a more powerful hand was working all along.

Operation Prutas ss2 krk

Watch ‘Operation Prutas’ by Ara Chawdhury (Philippines) on Viddsee:

‘Operation Prutas’ was the Grand Prize winner at the Sinulog Short Film Festival in the Philippines.

It’s part of our Cinema Rehiyon channel on Viddsee.

Cinema Rehiyon Film Festival is the only national festival in the Philippines that showcases regional films from Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao. Now in its 7th edition, the film festival takes place from 6 to 9 August in Cebu City. More information here.

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