Two Women Meet At Crossroads Of Destiny; Their Lives Change Forever


Farewell-Sept SS2

Making difficult decisions alone is a very scary and insecure place to be in. But there is kindness around us — the kindness of strangers.

A month after her boyfriend breaks up with her, Ke Qing finds out that she is pregnant. Her practical side takes over and she knows she has to get an abortion, even though it is expensive and illegal.

Farewell-Sept SS3

Unknown to her, her phone call to the abortion clinic changes the decision of Qiao Qiao, who is at the same crossroads.

Watch ‘Farewell September’ (告别九月) by Hong Yan Yee (Malaysia) on Viddsee:

These two strangers cross paths. Both lives change forever.

Watch another story on the kindness of strangers, ‘Sakura Toilet’ by Kentaro Akahane (Japan), about seven women who become friends through a bathroom graffiti wall

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