An Unassuming Auntie Steals Small Things, Both In Size and Value. Why?


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While society tends to view the elderly with some assumptions, the least expected label would be one of a petty criminal.

In ‘Home Is Where The Heart Is’, a short film by Chang Kai Xiang, the story follows Madam Wong, an elderly woman and repeated shoplifter. Although she is quick to confess to her petty crime, she justifies that she isn’t hurting anyone as the things she takes are small – both in size and value.

Through the eyes of Jane Liu, a young lawyer assigned to be her pro bono defence counsel, we uncover the layers that motivate Madam Wong’s actions.

It’s Okay To Reject Assumptions

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Jane is perplexed with Madam Wong’s track record as a repeat offender – what could her motivations be? While her colleagues are quick to dismiss Madam Wong as an old lady making weird choices based on her case and profile, Jane’s curiousity gets the better of her as she goes out of her way to uncover the answer to Madam Wong’s actions.

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Jane is more confounded when she discovers that Madam Wong doesn’t steal necessities, and even goes out of her way to give what she can to those who are less fortunate than her.

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Are we only defined by our age and actions?

Despite being apprehended for her theft, Madam Wong has an unfussy demeanour about her. Nothing seems to faze Madam Wong, even as Jane admonishes her.

Beyond the age, crime and preconceived notions, Jane slowly pieces together the puzzle of Madam Wong’s life… and what she found was another human being.

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