A Madman Staged A Holdup. Luckily For Them, He’s Madly In Love!


32C SS2 Rebz

This an endearing romantic comedy with an awkward wrestling scene, and a dash of sweet, sweet, innocent love.

A cashier and a security guard get tied up (and tongue-tied) by an unexpected criminal. He’s possibly just an amateur, but he certainly is familiar with what he wants from the convenience store.

32C Rebz SS1

Cup noodles! He’s craving for cup noodles. He’s also pining for his loved one. It indadvertedly becomes a counselling session.

It’s unexpected, but he finds what he’s craving for and what he’s pining for. He even manages to patch things up between the two awkward robbery victims.

32C Rebz SS3

Sometimes all love needs is a little bit of convincing, at knifepoint.

But most of the time, love needs is just a bit of courage.

Watch ’32°C Fall In Love’ by Tan Seng Kiat (Malaysia) on Viddsee:

’32°C Fall In Love’ is part of our BMW Shorties channel on Viddsee.

The short film bagged the Grand Prize of MYR75,000 in production grant at BMW Shorties 2013. It also won five other awards in the Best Director, Best Editing, Best Screenplay, Best Actor (Koe Shern as security guard) and Best Actress (Emily Chen as cashier) categories!

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