Unlikely, Lonely Souls Meet In Vietnam, Lives Spun Out Of Orbit


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Life was good. He was anonymous, he had no attachments. Then he meets this 16 year old…

The pop star formerly known as Antonio Giovanni refashioned himself as a bicycle taxi driver in Ho Chi Minh City. He speaks the language, has a scraggly beard, disheveled shirt, and a grimy hole he calls home.

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Running away from his past and seeking nobody’s approval, he carved out a life of self-preservation and independence on the streets. His clientele didn’t know who he was, didn’t care, and he could lose himself in the crowd.

Then, he meets a young girl from an affluent family, a rebellious 16 year old who wanted a taste of the night.

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She unexpectedly discovers his true identity.

He couldn’t escape the truth, not even in the blur of the soft city lights in a faraway land.

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Once again, he finds himself thrown out of orbit, forever in hiatus.

Watch ‘Forever In Hiatus’ by Andy Nguyen (Vietnam) on Viddsee:

‘Forever In Hiatus’ was produced for Andy Nguyen’s MFA degree at the Columbia University’s School of the Arts.

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