An Unusual Horror Wedding Film Concept Is Viddsee Shortee Aug 2017



At Peachie’s birthday party, an uninvited guest cast a shadow on the festivities.


The dark entity was unfamiliar, but its appearance was no accident. It took hold a prisoner – Pryts, Peachie’s husband.


With her beloved stuck in the underworld, Peachie decided to confront the malevolent spirit and find out its true intentions.


The dangerous journey to the other realm revealed a horrifying truth.

The spirit wanted her life, and if it couldn’t get her, it’ll settle for something close enough.

Watch ‘Lost & Found’ by Dary Ow (Philippines) on Viddsee:

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‘Lost & Found’ is an unusual concept for a wedding film. The story is inspired by the true story of Peachie, a spirit questor who ventured to the underworld to save her husband, Pryts, from a malevolent entity.

Director: Dary Ordona
Assistant Director: Mark Putian
Writer: Wonderlast, Peachie & Pyrts
Cast: Peachie Dioquino-Valera (Peachie), Ryan Patrick Valera (Pyrts), Mandala Rafaelle Valera (Mandala), Chan Knippenberg (The Woman), Ryan Romeo De Vera (Juno), Pilar Dioquino (Mom)
Cinematography: Sam Dy & Dary Ordona
Production Manager: Cyrene Laurente & Jimson Buenaobra
Editor: Dary Ordona
Sound Design: Ark Abordo

‘Lost & Found’ was the most-watched, most-loved short film last month, and it’s our August Viddsee Shortee!

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