People Gossiped & Judged Her For What She Wore. Why Shouldn’t Her Sister?


Tudung SS1 KRK

Tank top, mini shorts, a cavalier attitude towards life — that’s Sara.

Sara shows up again in Nora’s life after five years. She’s unwed and pregnant, a far cry from the pious lifestyle her sister leads.

Tudung SS3 KRK

Being back wasn’t easy for the both of them. Her clothes, views and general don’t-care attitude has got the whole neighbourhood gossiping.

Sara abandoned her sister when their father died, and left Nora to deal with the emotional and psychological baggage that came with it. Now she needed a place to stay, but they just weren’t getting along.

Tudung SS2 KRK

Then, they learn that it’s always easier to judge a person than to understand them. Sisters and family included.

Here’s how they stood up for each other in the end and reconciled their differences.

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