Once Upon A Time She Was Into Drugs, Gangs and Prostitution


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34-year-old Mel, mother of seven children, has had a tough life. As a child, she never really had a family to love her and care for her.

Soon, she was sucked into the world of drugs, gangs and prostitution. She looked towards drugs to take her problems away, and in the process, neglected her children. She was imprisoned for three years and lost the custody of all seven of them.

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And that’s when she realised that changing her life was in her own hands.

She founded the dance group Plus Point, and turned her passion for dance into something more.

Her students are what she calls “upcoming gangsters” – young people who are susceptible to the same dark path that she had once followed.

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She hopes to be their mentor and guide and steer them towards a better life by using hers as an example.

And in the process, she hopes to be a better mother than she has been.

Watch ‘Gangster, Addict, Dancing Queen’ on Viddsee:

‘Gangster, Addict, Dancing Queen’ was directed by Juliana Tan for Our Better World, a storytelling initiative of the Singapore International Foundation.

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