Viddsee Shortee Spotlight: ‘Sisters’ Was An Accidental Comedy

Sisters Viddsee Shortee Lincoln Chia Interview ss1 lg krk
The closeted brother-in-law Sam (Michael Tay) and Brian (Eric Gwee), the groom in question. Awkward is awkward.

‘Sisters’ was the most-watched, most-loved short film last month, our December 2015 Viddsee Shortee! We spoke to the director Lincoln Chia about this cheeky production.

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Q1 – We read your interview in Fridae about how you were inspired to pursue this story — based on what you witnessed at the Justice of Peace. Its fascinating how you combined that experience in this short film, combining conservative Asian values like marriage and family with taboos like homosexuality. Why a comedy?

I am aware of the awkward moments crafted in the story that could possibly come off as being comical even though I did not intentionally plan for it to be a comedy. Through rehearsals and actual takes, we managed to capture these comical moments and I was happy to keep them.

Sisters Viddsee Shortee Dec 2015 ss3 krk
Kelly Lim (left) as the mother, and Molly Jan as the aunt, prepping for the groom’s reception

Q2 – Could you tell us a bit about the cast and your brief to them?

As Michael developed the idea of ‘Sisters’ with me, I decided to have Michael play the role of Sam. For the rest of the cast members, I explored a different strategy for the selection process. Apart from their acting abilities, I placed more emphasis on their facial features to ensure that visually they look convincing as members of a family.

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During casting, we kept things casual, there was no casting script in the process and I wanted the session for me to know them better individually.

Upon confirming the casts, we had a line reading session, I told them to treat the given script as a guide and use their own words. Keeping it natural was key for me.

Sisters Viddsee Shortee Dec 2015 ss4 krk
Sam with his sister Ah Jin (Adele Wong), whose fiance he had a history with

Q3 – Culturally and linguistically, the film title and concept is a great wordplay as a noun, for the Chinese wedding tradition, and also as an euphemism for gay men. Was the film’s intended audience Singaporeans (and maybe Malaysians)? Why do you think the film and story travelled so well?

I did not have an audience in mind when developing the short film. However, ‘Sisters’ was intended to be a story that allows everyone to experience a Chinese wedding in Singapore. I am a firm believe of authenticity and often keeping it real and honest to the subject that my film is exploring. Perhaps these are some of the reasons why the short film resonates with many.

Sisters Viddsee Shortee Dec 2015 ss12 krk
Brian (left) on bended knee staging a mock proposal

Q4 – May we share with our readers what else you’re working on? Would be great for our readers to know what else we can expect! An interview from 2011 said a wedding was in the works! 😀

Haha, that was a joke! (no, I am still single) I am working on a community integration campaign which includes making a short film. This project is scheduled to be completed around the Lunar New Year period in 2016. Upon completing the campaign, I will develop my first feature length film and hopefully shoot it next year.

Good luck, Lincoln!

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