This Great Magician Is Retiring. Not Before One Final Epic Trick.



Prince William, Johnny Depp and Jamie Oliver.

These are just some of the international celebrities that Vincent Legrand has enchanted with his sleight of hand talents.


The great magician is the subject of a documentary that aims to highlight his career culminating in his final trick before retiring.


The crew is meticulous. They interview his long-time assistant, Cromwell, and former colleagues.

And they discover that Vincent isn’t as beloved by the magic community as he is by the adoring public.


Cromwell, in particular, is disillusioned by his enigmatic boss, who holds his secrets very close to his chest, particularly with the grand finale.

As the big day approaches, Vincent, his team and the documentary crew, buckle down for a grand finale to an enigmatic career.


It turns out to be more epic than anticipated. The stunt leaves jaws, and a body, on the floor.

Watch ‘The True Story of Vincent Legrand’ by Kew Lin (United Kingdom) on Viddsee:

‘The True Story of Vincent Legrand’ stars Etienne Pradier, an award-winning real-life magician who is a member of the Magic Circle with Gold Star. This film has screened internationally at film festivals including UK Screen One International Film Festival and the Lublin International Film Festival.

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