How Do Artists Create Works That Move Us?


If you’ve ever been moved by a piece of art, be it film, music, dance, pottery, or visual art in a gallery or on the streets, this series is for you. ‘The Craft Of Art’ is a VOICES documentary series that begins with a simple premise — how do artists create works that move us?

“We, including myself, passively consume art on a daily basis, the films we watch, the music we listen to, that piece of graphic design somewhere on your computer screen right now; but rarely do we stop to think about them. That motivated the decision to create this documentary series, to find out more about how art forms that we found fascinating and unique” – Kenneth Chan, Director

WATCH: Illustrations, Lee Kow Fong

Lee Kow Fong is an illustrator and children’s picture book author. His works capture the world from a child’s perspective in incredibly charming watercolour. His secret? To capture the minute details that brings Singapore to life.

WATCH: Music, Shabir Tabare Alam

After winning the Vasantham Star talent competition in 2005, Shabir Tabare Alam was propelled to national stardom. He has since built a career in both Kollywood and Singapore, in front and behind the mic. But at the core of his music is the never-ending search for authenticity and the quest to be true to himself.

WATCH: Contemporary Dance, Sufri Juwahir

Sufri Juwahir, dancer and choreographer, believes that “Rhythm is everywhere. In the traffic light, when the lights are blinking, when you’re tapping on your keyboard, in the conversation we’re having. It has its own emotion,”. Here’s how he weaves movement and rhythm from hip hop, bharatanatyam, and other dance forms into a tapestry that reveals his soul.

WATCH: Street Art, Speak Cryptic

The distinctive black and white art works of Farizwan Fajari, also known as Speak Cryptic, captures his ongoing struggle with his multi-faceted identity. As a Singaporean Malay, Boyanese, musician and visual artist, here’s how his art helps him share who he is as a person.

WATCH: Pottery – Jean Adrienne

When Jeanette Adrienne Wee sits at the pottery wheel, she molds her truth. Inspiration is captured in her textures and colours while anxiety and conversations are driven in her ceramics that test the balance of harmony and symmetry.

Our takeaway? As Lee Kow Fong says in his episode, “mediums of communication are not limited to language and words.” And there is definitely much to share and express in the craft of art.

‘The Craft of Art’ is produced in collaboration with the National Arts Council and part of the #SGCultureAnywhere campaign. VOICES is a Viddsee Originals short documentary series that strives to capture cultures and experiences through the lens of a filmmaker, with the aim of deepening perspectives and conversations amongst viewers.

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