He Waited For Dad To Return From Sea. The Sea Returned With A Gift.


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His son was disappointed with his small catch, so this fisherman pushed out his boat to the deep sea to discover the origin of fishes.

He followed a shimmer of gold that taunted him just below the surface, which led him to unknown territories. What a wondrous land it was.

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On the edge of a cliff was a tree of fishes, all ripe for the plucking.

It was a bountiful harvest.

But the wonders of this new land had a dark surprise for him, lying in wait.

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But this father will not perish, he would live on, as a gift to the sea, from the sea to his son.

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‘Treo Fiskur’ is a Superinfocom graduation film by Lucie Delvaux, Alissa Bécavin, Noémie Cauvin, Tristan Hélaine and Sullivan Vanderlinden. It received the graduation jury special mention, the 2nd Prize (Overseas Video Content category) at the International Students Creative Award 2014 in Japan, and several nominations in festivals in France and abroad.

More on the production here.

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