A Wandering Soul Finally Finds Home & Comfort, In Mother’s Lap


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This man is finally home in Phnom Penh, after spending years abroad. He was back, longing and yearning for closure. Time and change swept over a familiar landscape, but the scars of tragedy remained.

He asked to go to the old part of the city where he spent his childhood against the advice of his fellow countrymen. It was a place of pain and misery, but he wanted to see the ruins with his own eyes.

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It was a long walk into a forgotten history. He had lived with hate & withheld forgiveness.

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He found his neighbours, his home, and the shadows of trouble souls.

He found a final resting place for his scarred, broken heart.

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Mother was there, and she did not forget his name.

Watch ‘Broken’ by Amit Dubey (Cambodia) on Viddsee:

‘Broken’ was in the official selection of the International Film Festival San Francisco, and has featured at the International Festival of Cinematic Arts Los Angeles, Cambodia International Film Festival and the IndiEarth Film & Music Festival of India.

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