To Rescue The Princess, The Prince Needed To Hit All The Right Notes


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A classic love story retold through miniatures and animation, inspired by the Sufi poet Hafiz.

This Princess is in deep trouble — her kingdom was taken by the wind. She’s fallen, far away from her beloved.

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But her beloved is not about to quit on her. He plots with his musicians and nature to save her.

They scramble for the right tune to ease the princess and the prince’s longing for each other.

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It’s a challenge. with the wrong tune, he brings agony, with a better tune, he brings courage but not enough. As the Prince and his friends, try different variations, they realize just what they need.

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And the princess returns to her beloved, in no time.

Watch ‘The Role Of Each Fret’ by Maryam Farahzadi (Iran) on Viddsee:

Maryam’s film won the top prize at the Farhang Film Festival, Los Angeles, and second at the Roshd International Film Festival in Tehran. She also won Best Short Animation Film at Aftab Young Cinema Regional Festival and received an honorary diploma at the Tassvir Film Festival in Iran.

‘The Role Of Each Fret screened widely in Iran and in Bulgaria, Brazil, Italy, the US, Canda, Greece, the Czech Republic, Germany, and Switzerland.

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