This Young Boy Said ‘Happy CNY’ In The Language Of His Heart



Andi took great care to comb his hair and wear his new red shirt.

It was Chinese New Year, and he was visiting his grandmother for the first time.


The house was brimming with warmth, as rowdy children giggled over games and adults chatted over the television.


The innocent boy had been briefed on the Chinese custom of giving oranges to grandma, but not about the accompanying wishes that seemed to come naturally to his cousins before him.


When it came to his turn, he gave grandma the oranges, what little extra he had on him, and said the sweetest phrase he knew.


It was unusual, and for the wrong season. But it turned out to be the perfect words to say.

Watch ‘The Red Packet’ by Sufyan Sam’an (Singapore) on Viddsee:

‘The Red Packet’ won the award of Overall Best Film (Open Category) in the cine65 competition. It is inspired by real life events.

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