All He Wanted Was Her Love. All She Wanted Was A Diamond Ring.


Le Mannequin SS2 KRK

A lady’s eyes light up at the sight of a diamond ring. Her lover doesn’t have anything as shiny and as bright as that. All he has are roses.

He’s not even human; they’re just one of two mannequins displayed at the window to attract passers-by to the shop.

Le Mannequin SS4 KRK

He sees the longing and desire in her eyes. He wants to get her a ring too. But he has limitations.

And yet, he makes the supreme effort to get the elusive diamond ring.

It comes at a grave cost.

Watch ‘Le Mannequin’ by Wong Wei Jian, Cheong Tsae Yen, Cheong Kai Yen, Audrey Au E-theng and Chin Shenyin (Malaysia) on Viddsee:

Do watch out for a surprise in the middle of the end credits!

Here’s another short film on the cost of love, about a young bride’s selfless decision and dilemma. Watch ‘Sangkar’ by Sharifah Amani (Malaysia) on Viddsee

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