He’s Determined To Size Up, From Zero To Hero


Pipe Dream nw ss6 krk.jpg

She’s moving very fast, and he’s not ready.

This is Peter Epstein-Takahashi, a teenage boy who’s getting ready for his “study night” with Lucile, his not-girlfriend.

Pipe Dream ss12 krk.jpg

He’s having performance anxiety and a little insecure about his endowment. He needed to live up to her expectations, and was determined to boost up his appendage with a little device.

It was time to unwrap the candy, and Lucile was ready.

Pipe Dream nw ss4 krk.jpg Pipe Dream nw ss2 krk.jpg

But the pressure got to him. Trying to be someone larger than life was a bluff.

Watch ‘Pipe Dream’ by Yudho Aditya (US) on Viddsee:

Viewer discretion: Contains some nudity.

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