This Wasn’t The Chinese New Year Eve Dinner Any Family Would Want


After The Storm SS5 KRK

A dysfunctional family tries to hold itself together ahead of the family reunion.

“Do you really understand your lines? Where are your emotions?” chides Manqing’s acting coach.

The day wraps up and Manqing heads home to deal with a greater struggle – a mentally unstable brother and a guilt-ridden mother.

After The Storm SS3 KRK

Long ago, her father had become very disturbed and killed himself, and the shadow of his suicide hangs heavy over the family.

Her mother believes she is the reason for all the instability in the family.

Her brother Guanqing believes that there are three of him, each pulling him a different direction.

After The Storm SS2 KRK

Guanqing’s volatile outbursts and unpredictable behaviour terrifies Manqing and her mother and normalcy in their household seems like a distant dream.

The Chinese New Year Eve family dinner changes everything.

And finally, Manqing finds herself excelling in her acting class, drawing from her own pain and grief.

Watch ‘After The Storm’ by Chen Yu-Ting (Taiwan) on Viddsee:

‘After The Storm’ travelled to film festivals worldwide.

It won the silver award at the Kaohsiung Youth Film Festival, and received an honourable mention at the Tai-chung Legend Film Festival and Kaohsiung Entertainment World. It was also a finalist at the Kaohsiung International Film Festival, the Golden Harvest Awards and the International Student Film Festival Hollywood (Best Foreign Language Film category).

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