[Watch] 3 Stories About Bouncing Back From Cheating Lovers


Single or Double SS4

Some of our earliest relationships are formative experiences in how we handle extreme distress, and even more so for romances with unfortunate circumstances, such as being cheated on.

But it’s only after the drama subsides and when the ego finds itself in a healthy place that, that anyone realises how it helps us grow.

Here are three awesome short films from Viddsee about navigating those dark times.


#1 – Heartache? She Found The Perfect Cure. Fabulous Inner Strength!

Long distance relationships and yoga can be challenging for beginners. Kat was a newbie, she might not have known what she was doing. But she pushed herself.

Kat's Diary ACA SS3 KRK

Kat’s effusive, sunshiny personality takes a dip when she learns that David could be cheating on her.

She pushes back, and finds the balance she needs in her life.

Watch ‘Kat’s Diary’ by Vanessa Amante (Philippines) on Viddsee:


#2 – He Hurt Her. So She Hit Back Where It Hurts Most, With Black Magic.

Asih is heartbroken by her cheating boyfriend, but she’s not the one to take things lying down.

Revenge SS2 KRK

He hurt her. So she decides to hit him where it hurts the most.

She sought most with help from the other world to make her suffer, with dark, twisted and unconventional methods.

Truly, hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. But it’s just as painful for her as it was for him.

Watch ‘Revenge’ by Andri Cung (Indonesia) on Viddsee:

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#3 – This Woman Learns That After A Break Up, It’s Either Sink Or Swim.

Her boyfriend cheated. She threw him out of the house.

They’re both miserable. She withdraws from life and the swim team that brought them together. But there’s no running away.

Single or Double SS1

She sifts through the lonely times, memories of what used to be, and even encounters her ex and his new partner together. Getting over someone is a slow and painful burn. There’s no tried and tested formula.

But the first step in moving on is to walk away.

Watch ‘Single or Double’ by Cai Pei-Ling (Taiwan) on Viddsee:

Here’s how she took the plunge and found peace with herself.

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