His Brothers Were Being Punished. It’s His Turn, It Was A Real Treat.


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Dad was away. They tied up the babysitter, set the lawn on fire, and tormented their youngest sibling…

The fire department comes wailing down on them, and so does the two older brothers as dad meted out his punishment.

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Their cries torment little Petey further as he awaits his turn with the belt. It wasn’t his fault the brothers raised hell when dad was away. He wasn’t the troublemaker.

Spare the rod, and save the child? But dad wasn’t going to make an exception for Petey. But he’ll help Pete get back at his bratty brothers.

Hellion ss4 krk

Oh, the wailing!

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‘Hellion’ was made into a feature film of the same name in 2015. More on Kat Chandler here.

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